Salary Calculator Australia

pay calculator

Pay Calculator – A free tool to assist everyday Aussies in calculating their wages, PAYG tax, superannuation and estimated tax returns.

Salary Calculator Australia

pay calculator

Pay Calculator – A free tool to assist everyday Aussies in calculating their wages, PAYG tax, superannuation and estimated tax returns.

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See your weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual take-home, superannuation and tax liability by entering your salary below

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*Disclaimer: Estimated tax return is for illustrative purposes only. Your actual income tax return may vary. Please visit to check income tax rates for 2023.

I recently had a salary increment I was excited and wanted to know how much would my new after tax pay would be? All thanks to mytaxdaily pay calculator I was quickly able to get an estimate on my future weekly earnings”

income tax calculator on this page can be used to see changes in your wages on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis . . .

How-to Guide

How to use THE

This tool is designed to make it super easy for Australians to figure out how much money they will have left after income taxes. It calculates pay, tax withholding amount, and superannuation for each pay period.

Just follow 3 simple steps:

1. Input “Your Salary” & select pay frequency
2. Check & select any Options on the right applicable to you
3. Scroll down to the results table, click on arrows to expand results and see the breakdown of payments

Easy as!

We have embedded the latest ATO formulas into this tool. The tool is continually updated with changes made to income tax by ATO.

We have taken care of user experience and have made sure the tool stays easy to use. In addition to income, the tool can also provide a breakdown of the superannuation amount, superannuation tax, and estimated income tax returns.

*Calculations are based on the formulas provided by the ATO. The tool provides outcomes suitable for Individuals tax residents in the capacity of Australian Residents/ Non-Residents (Visa holders), Backpackers, Working holidaymakers, and Tax-free threshold residents.

Commonly asked questions – pay calculations

You Asked we Answered

This tool is super relevant to assist anyone living in Australia with calculations related to their paycheck, namely, salary, pay, wages, and superannuation.
Additionally, we have added features in this calculator to assist all taxpayers in Australia with calculations related to their withholding tax, net pay, gross pay, income tax, tax return estimation, PAYG, salary after tax, and weekly/fortnightly or monthly after and before tax salary.

The calculator can sufficiently provide income tax and super calculations for all primary categories of individual taxpayers identified by ATO as:
>> Residents
>> Non-residents
>>Foreign residents
>> Working holidaymakers

The pay calculator has been designed by embedding Tax rates and formulas provided by ATO. Calculations are accurate and consider the Pay-as-you-go Tax Tables. It calculates the tax withheld amounts, which can be utilised by an employer to calculate their PAYG tax liability due periodically.

The tool is up to date and can provide you with accurate weekly, fortnightly, or monthly pay/salary amounts. Which generally is the after-tax amount that gets credited to your bank account.

Superannuation is calculated at 10.5% of the total annual salary. An employer periodically credits it to the employee’s nominated superfunds in equal instalments. Payment to super fund is usually made quarterly by most employers in Australia.

To know how much super you would accumulate by the end of a year, just input your salary in the calculator above, it effectively will provide you with an accurate value.

Gross Pay is income earned before tax, therefore
Gross Pay = Total Amount Payable to employee

Net Pay is the take-home income after paying withholding tax and Medicare levy, and therefore
Net Pay = Total Amount Payable – PAYG tax – Medicare Levy

The tool provides net pay in the Take Home Pay row. Consider your pay cycle to know the amount credited to your bank account. For example, if you get paid weekly after inputting your annual salary in the tool. Please check take-home pay under the weekly section.

Net Pay = Gross Pay – PAYG Tax

Medicare levy is calculated as 2% on top of tax rates for individual taxpayers.

In Australia, people staying on a visa may need to get private health coverage. As foreign residents and working holidaymakers are generally not entitled to Medicare benefits. And therefore they are allowed to claim a full or partial refund for the Medicare levy paid during the financial year.

The calculator effectively calculates the tax withheld and deducted from your pay each pay cycle. It utilises the tax tables to make an accurate estimate.
It is essential to understand that withholding tax amount changes with pay frequency.
Tax table can be used to calculate any changes to tax withheld structure.

PAYG Tax is an acronym for Pay-as-you-go withholding tax that is deducted from pay by an employer before making a wage payment. It is the tax paid in advance and acts as a credit against the final tax liability.

The estimated tax return is the amount of tax payable or refundable that a taxpayer is subjected to when filing their tax returns.

The estimated tax value populated in the tool is just an estimate. It is hard to estimate tax return unless total taxable deductions for that financial year are known. In our tool we have assumed total allowable deduction of $300 for each salaried person. Whether it will be a refund or payable may defer.

Allowable deductions are subjected to each individual taxpayer and affect the return amount greatly, it can only be known once tax returns are finalised and lodged.

For now, just consider it as the minimum net taxable return value.

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